Recipe Round Up – Edible Gifts for Christmas

This week I’m testing centrepiece desserts for Christmas and having loads of fun with cinnamon, almonds and loads and loads of cranberries. A couple of gorgeous cakes should make their way up on the blog by the weekend, I reckon.

Until then, here’s a quick post to round up all the recipes for edible gifts for Christmas that I’ve been sharing for the past two weeks.

Get baking – 18 days till Christmas!

Chocolate bark, two ways.

chocolate bark

Nut butter pies (affectionately known as Butt Nutter pies in our house. Don’t ask.)

nut butter pies

Mini cranberry pies

mini cranberry pies

Nutella Rugelach


Enjoy, whether you’re making them for friends or for yourself!

Alexis xxx



    • 10pm is definitely not the best time to look at food, agreed. How about 9am instead? 😀
      Thanks for commenting!


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