Rye Challah

Marathon watching Downton Abbey kept me sane for the past week. And a whole season of American Horror Story seems just the perfect way to ease into Halloween week, which is landing with countless preps for big party, trick or treating and plenty of gory baking. Watch this space.

Until then, I’ve riffed on different versions of challah, the bread my family’s just fallen in love with over the past few months. Our previous favourite was a spelt loaf. This rye challah is not far behind, though I suspect the recipe would accommodate even a higher percentage of rye to white than what I’ve gone for.

rya challah

Quantities are exactly as described in my previous post, with adjustment for flour volumes only:
800g strong white bread flour
250g rye flour

rya challah

The recipe, inspired by an original by Joan Nathan, is an absolute sure shot and it’s turned out perfect every time I’ve made it. If you’re after a great classic, this is the challah recipe for you.

Alexis xxx

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