World’s Easiest French Toast

Weekend mornings in the kitchen are to my soul what churches are to religion; they anchor me into family traditions that we so often forget about during the week. The simple things, like having breakfast sitting down around the table, getting to talk about homework and art class with the kiddo, planning Halloween costumes with the hubby, restore my energy and make me ready to face another week.

french toast

Now, having leftover bread is a nice problem to have when you want a special breakfast, especially when said bread is some awesome challah. It’s great in bread and butter pudding (look, it’s got bread, it’s got butter, it’s breakfast, alright?), but it’s especially fabulous as french toast. For such a simple breakfast or brunch recipe, this packs a mighty big punch – it’s like a heavenly, eggy cloud that simply melts in your mouth.

french toast

For the world’s easiest french toast, you’ll need:
2 slices of bread
1 egg, at room temperature
100ml milk
dash of icing sugar
handful of strawberries or fruit of your choice

Get a nonstick pan and heat on a medium setting.
Oil lightly.
One slice at a time, dip into milk, making sure that it’s absorbing it equally, then dip into egg, flipping to cover it on both sides.
Place in pan and fry for about one or two minutes on each side, until nice and golden.
Sift icing sugar to taste on top and serve with strawberries.
Enjoy – moaning out loud is highly encouraged.

french toast

Alexis xxx

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